Bill Weinman

دانلود آموزش اچ تی ام ال 5 : مدیریت تاریخچه بروزر - HTML5: Managing Browser History

Download HTML5: Managing Browser History

This course describes how to use the HTML5 Session History application programming interface to present bookmark-friendly URLs while updating parts of a page and preventing unnecessary network activity. Author Bill Weinman shows how to manipulate history by adding entries [...]

دانلود آموزش اچ تی ام ال 5 : موقعیت جغرافیایی - HTML5: Geolocation in Depth

Download HTML5: Geolocation in Depth

This course shows how to add location tracking to a web application with a combination of JavaScript, CSS and HTML5. First, author and HTML5 expert Bill Weinman provides a thorough explanation of the geolocation API, including considerations every developer [...]

دانلود آموزش سی جی ای - CGI Essential Training

Download CGI Essential Training

CGI Essential Training highlights the skills required to build common gateway interface (CGI) scripts that allow web forms to interact with applications on a web server. Instructor Bill Weinman explains how these scripts can be used for simple interactive [...]

دانلود آموزش پرل 5 - Perl 5 Essential Training

Download Perl 5 Essential Training

Perl is a powerful and flexible scripting language that is uniquely suited to website development, system administration, and network programming. Perl 5 was originally released in 1994, and continues to evolve. The “Modern Perl” movement has embraced its mature [...]