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دانلود آموزش سی اس اس : فرمت بندی اطلاعات دیداری| CSS: Formatting Visual Data

Download CSS: Formatting Visual Data

Having a complete toolbox at your disposal to properly structure and display data is critically important to a successful web design. In this course, author Joseph Lowery covers basic styling for numbered, bulleted, and definition lists, plus structuring and [...]

دانلود آموزش معناشناسی وب- Learning Web Semantics

Download Learning Web Semantics

Discover how to make websites more search engine friendly, more meaningful, and more future-proof with semantics. In this course, Jen Kramer shows you how simple HTML5 tags add meaning to page structure, and how microdata and metadata can be [...]

دانلود آموزش اچ تی ام ال 5 : ساخت فرم - HTML5: Web Forms

Download HTML5: Web Forms

In this course, author Joe Marini details the latest enhancements for client-side forms found in HTML5. Using real-world examples, the course showcases the capabilities of the specification’s new attributes and form elements, such as displaying default placeholder text, setting [...]

دانلود آموزش اچ تی ام ال 5 : مدیریت تاریخچه بروزر - HTML5: Managing Browser History

Download HTML5: Managing Browser History

This course describes how to use the HTML5 Session History application programming interface to present bookmark-friendly URLs while updating parts of a page and preventing unnecessary network activity. Author Bill Weinman shows how to manipulate history by adding entries [...]